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3 Secrets To Finding Powerful, Positive & Permanent Solutions For Success

Stop Playing Small & Start Living The Life You Actually Want! A Proven Process That Empowers You To Completely Transform Your Life, For Good!


Brought To You By Author, Mentor & Solution Finder, From UK, Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt

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What You'll Discover At This Masterclass

The most driven & successful people in the world know a few secrets:


#1. To find different solutions, you need to ask different questions


#2 Making permanent change requires specific strategies, not a wait and hope method


#3. Self-awareness and leaving your comfort zone are critical for self-improvement


#4. There is a difference between thinking you're worth it and believing you're worth it


#5. Fear of failure is as real as fear of success - both can hold you back until you realise you have the POWER to change


 In addition, these cutting edge tactics will show you how to break the cycles that prevent us from moving forward.

  • How ANYONE Can Find The Right Solutions To Make Permanent Change!

  •  The Little Known Tactics That Can Change Ingrained Habits To Reach Your Lifelong Goals

  • Enhance Your Awareness & ​Discover What's Holding You Back

  • ​Have someone hold you accountable with a proven system that can transform your life

  • ​Learn to overcome fears and increase confidence to get out of your own way

  • ​Find The Right Pathway Forward For YOU

  • ​Reduce stress about current circumstances and discover a permanent solution

  • ​Realise your true potential - Go after what you want rather than let life happen by default

  • End the longing in your life AND do something about it!

  • ​Ignite Your Spark Within: The Step By Step System Process Of How You Wake Up In A Life You Love!

  • ​STOP watching others live the life you wish you had and START bringing your dreams into your reality.

  • ​Recognise it doesn't have to take a life-time to change!

  • Finally embody your worth, end self-sabotaging thoughts & take the next steps that you DESERVE!

  • Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended

  • ​It's Being Presented By 'The Solutions Finder' Who Uses Evocative Solution Finding Techniques To Transform Lives.

  • ​A Very Unique & Unusual Approach To Finding The Right Solutions And Implementing Them (Using Ground-breaking Techniques That Put You Back In Control)

  • ​This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal: It's Only For Those Who Seriously Want To Shift From Feeling Stuck To Finding A Successful Way Forward!

  • ​Solutions Finder Program: The Reliable & Repeatable Proven Transformation System That Helps People Discover How To Move Forward With Positive, Permanent Solutions.

  • You'll be given the tools and techniques to  build the life you want. Once you understand the true reasons behind your limiting belief patterns & learn to re-frame them -  you can create positive, powerful and permanent changes in your life.


Who Is This Event For?

People Who Are:

  •  Wanting Change

  • You want to change aspects of your life but maybe you're scared or think you're 'not ready'.


  • Even if you feel disheartened as you've tried methods in the past but they have not worked. Enough of the excuses...Let me show you how to finally unleash your true potential!

  •   Business Owners

  • Are you hungry for more and want to grow your business? The time to make change is NOW! Learn how to find the right solutions to get your business where you want it to be.

  •  Ready To Put Themselves FIRST


  • Those who are willing to invest in themselves and want to grow, recognise they need support & guidance to do this.


  • True growth and transformation occurs outside of your comfort zone - let me show you how!

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Learn to break free from limiting beliefs that refrain you from creating a prosperous business doing something you love and dominating the market in your field of expertise! 

  •    Ready For A New Direction

  • Want to take a new path but know there's something holding you back? Let me show you how to break through and follow what you truly want!

  •    Spending their days frustrated at their current position...

  • Rather than merely existing for another 5, 10, 20 years in a place you don't want to be...


  • Tap into the inner drive that recognises there's something more and TAKE ACTION!


  • Getting the life you want takes courage to step out and let go of what’s familiar. It's not as scary with someone by your side - let's go!

Are you ready to find your solution?

A Note From Astrid...

After graduating with a teaching degree I decided I enjoyed teaching but didn’t want to be a teacher at a school, I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to meet people and importantly, I wanted to help people. 


That vision slowly went to the back of my mind, I started my travels, learnt a few languages, then finished my teaching degree and afterwards a post grad degree in tourism. Now I felt the world was at my fingertips and so I joined a company that organised corporate events and Incentive trips anywhere in the world. 


I thought I had hit the jackpot! Someone was actually paying me to go to the most amazing places with a group of fun people and I could use my organisational skills as well as my empathy, my sales skills and my very strong focus on customer service to make the trips special and unforgettable.


With all my goals being achieved, unfortunately a year later after September 11th 2001 I was made redundant and for the first time stopped to think about my next move. I started doing some voluntary work for a charity called “Training for Life” and the desire to help people to improve their lives and to use all my acquired skills came back to mind.


At the same time I opened my first business working from home. Along the way I opened 3 more businesses. I have loved and cursed days but I am hugely grateful for both the successes and failures. It is just amazing how much mentoring, coaching and the right connections mixed with empathy and passion can do for other people.


I love helping people opening their own small business.


I have supported people through their desire of wanting children through IVF. I have created a course for people to learn how to network.


I have been coaching people to find out and achieve their goals. And I have a network that is growing daily of different kinds of people and it is great to see that my passion to bring people together and my passion to help, together with my love for life for fun for sports and for business has finally come together in my Solutions Finder venture.


I find solutions. I help find solutions. Always have, always will.


Now I'd love to help YOU find yours!


"Trust your intuition and success will follow"

- Astrid S

Astrid is the author of a #1 Best Selling book


And she's met influential people all over the world including...

Astrid und Al Pacino.jpg

Al Pacino

stallone (2) (1).jpg

Sylvester Stallone


Nido Qubein

Michelle Mone and Astrid.jpg

Michelle Mone

It's time to seriously get what you want in 2021 with Astrid's proven solution finder strategies...

Even the best intentions in the world are nothing without a specialised framework for success.


Check out what Astrid's clients have to say about their experience and results working with her below...

What Astrid's Clients Say!

"It felt like a huge step forward. I now realise there is nothing to fear. Thank you again! You are amazing!” 


- Lloyd


“Astrid has often helped me with her incomparably heartfelt and empathic nature in a variety of situations. I know no one else who so accurately analyses any interpersonal situation, distilling the essence out of it, and offering a working solution within a very short time."


- Armin


"It was really nice meeting you! Your strength is unbelievable! You are an amazing example for everyone! I did my homework… I will stick to what has been agreed until I get my issues sorted. I am really grateful for what you are doing, thank you very much!"


- Rachel

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 22.58.55.png

Yes, I'm Ready To Find Solutions For Permanent Change!

Screenshot 2022-03-26 at 14.05.22.png

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Solution Finder.

Meet Your Solutions Finder...

With a proven track record of achieving her own goals, Astrid is focused and to the point. She also has an impressive list of clients that have achieved their goals through her coaching and training.The product variety goes from setting and achieving personal goals, moving your career forward, setting up your own small. Business as well as women specific coaching on self confidence, living life as a working single mum or having children through IVF. She is solution driven with a can-do attitude that she brings to all her successful work and projects.


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