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Entrepreneur, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Solution Finder.

Meet Astrid

Astrid has a proven track record of achieving her own goals, maintaining a focused and direct approach. Her extensive list of clients attests to their success in reaching their objectives through her coaching and training services. Her expertise spans various areas, from setting and attaining personal goals to advancing careers, establishing small businesses, and providing specialized coaching for women, such as boosting self-confidence, navigating life as a working single mother, or supporting individuals undergoing IVF. Astrid's solution-oriented, can-do attitude permeates all her successful projects and work.


In 1996, I fulfilled my dream of moving to London, a desire that stemmed from visiting my older sister in 1982 while she worked for the BBC in the city. I distinctly recall saying, 'When I grow up, I will live in London too!'

After earning a teaching degree, I realized my passion for teaching but desired to explore beyond the confines of a traditional school setting. I yearned to travel the world, engage with diverse people, and most importantly, aid others in improving their lives. I vividly remember heated discussions with friends about our future after leaving school—I was determined to pursue foreign aid work and contribute to enhancing lives.

Over time, that vision faded into the background. I embarked on travels, mastered several languages, completed my teaching degree, and pursued a postgraduate degree in tourism. With the world seemingly within reach, I joined a company orchestrating corporate events and incentive trips worldwide. It felt like hitting the jackpot! I was paid to visit incredible places, collaborate with vibrant individuals, and utilize my organizational, empathetic, sales, and customer service skills to make each trip extraordinary.

A year later, I received an offer for a sales job in London—a dream come true! I worked for the company, continued traveling, and aspired to transition into a directorial role, which was not granted at the time. Consequently, I resigned and ventured to Beirut, Lebanon, in 2000, hoping to swiftly learn Arabic as I had Spanish. Despite enjoying my time and acquiring some Lebanese Arabic, I didn't fervently pursue employment and returned to London. To my delight, my former company reached out, granting me the Director of Sales position I had fervently desired.

Having achieved my goals, the unfortunate reality of being made redundant post-September 11, 2001, prompted me to contemplate my next steps. I engaged in voluntary work with the charity 'Training for Life,' reigniting my desire to assist people in enhancing their lives, utilizing my diverse skill set.

Simultaneously, I established my first business from home, initially operating solo before expanding to include staff. Although initially exciting, our collaboration lasted nearly a year, and differences in drive led me to part ways with my first employee, prompting a return home and reflecting on this unsuccessful endeavor.

In 2004, my partner moved to London, and I assisted in launching his business, delving into a new industry. As our companies grew, we shared office space, and despite parting ways four years later, we maintained a friendship. I cherish the friendships formed throughout my life—most of my relationships evolved into genuine friendships, and the lifelong connections have greatly enriched my life.

Alongside these ventures, I established three additional businesses, experiencing both triumphs and setbacks. I've encountered remarkable individuals and continue to do so daily. As Brexit looms, I've redirected my focus to my initial passion of aiding others. I'm accredited by the Jobcentre in my area, guiding unemployed individuals to rediscover their path toward employment, societal integration, and a happier life. It's incredible how mentoring, coaching, fostering connections, empathy, and passion can profoundly impact others.

I solve problems. I assist in finding solutions—always have, always will.

I derive immense joy from helping individuals establish their small businesses, supporting those striving for parenthood via IVF, crafting networking courses, coaching individuals to identify and achieve their goals, and expanding a growing network of diverse individuals. It's fulfilling to witness my passion for uniting people, helping others, and embracing life—be it through fun, sports, or business—culminate in my Solutions Finder venture.

Come and join my network! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt

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