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Entrepreneur, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Solution Finder.

Meet Astrid

With a proven track record of achieving her own goals, Astrid is focused and to the point. She also has an impressive list of clients that have achieved their goals through her coaching and training.The product variety goes from setting and achieving personal goals, moving your career forward, setting up your own small. Business as well as women specific coaching on self confidence, living life as a working single mum or having children through IVF. She is solution driven with a can-do attitude that she brings to all her successful work and projects.

In 1996, I moved to London, something which had been my dream since I visited my older sister in 1982 who was living in the city and working for the BBC. I remember so clearly saying, - when I grow up I will live in London too!

After graduating with a teaching degree I decided I enjoyed teaching but didn’t want to be a teacher at a school, I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to meet people and importantly, I wanted to help people. I still remember a very heated discussion with 2 of my friends about what we would do with our lives after we were to leave school - I was sure I would engage in some foreign aid work and help people to improve their lives.

That vision slowly went to the back of my mind, I started my travels, learnt a few languages, then finished my teaching degree and afterwards a post grad degree in tourism. Now I felt the world was at my fingertips and so I joined a company that organised corporate events and Incentive trips anywhere in the world. I thought I had hit the jackpot! Someone was actually paying me to go to the most amazing places with a group of fun people and I could use my organisational skills as well as my empathy, my sales skills and my very strong focus on customer service to make the trips special and unforgettable.

A year later I was offered a job in sales in London. Wow, my dream had come true! I actually had the offer to move to London. I worked for the company for a few years, did more travelling and eventually wanted to move into a directors position which at the time I was not given. I handed in my notice and moved to Beirut in Lebanon in 2000 for 3 months thinking I could pick up Arabic as quickly as I had picked up Spanish… Well, I had great fun and I did learn some Lebanese Arabic. I was even considering staying and finding a job but in the end I did not put huge amounts of effort into finding work and moved back to London. To my joy I was actually called back by my old company and given the Director of Sales job that I had so badly wanted.

With all my goals being achieved, unfortunately a year later after September 11th 2001 I was made redundant and for the first time stopped to think about my next move. I started doing some voluntary work for a charity called “Training for Life” and the desire to help people to improve their lives and to use all my acquired skills came back to mind.

At the same time I opened my first business working from home. First on my own and then with my first staff still having to work from the kitchen table for 4 weeks before we could move into the new office. Exciting times! We worked together for nearly a year but I found that her desire to push the company forward was not half as driven as mine and I became frustrated by her inaction. I let her go and moved back home licking my wounds of this unsuccessful venture. In 2004 my new partner had moved to London and I had helped him open his own business. Again times were exiting as I was part of his business in a completely new industry and I found myself transferring all my acquired sales skills where usable anywhere not just in my industry. When both our companies had grown enough to warrant each to employ 1 staff, we moved into office space together and even after we split up 4 years later we remained friends. I am very grateful that for all my relationships most have become true friends and I am also truly grateful of all the friends that I have made throughout my life who after 30 or more years are still an amazing contribution to my life and hopefully vice versa. Lutz and his wife Dasha and my friend Isi have been amazing in supporting me through my desire of wanting children and throughout my pregnancy through IVF which gave me the best presents ever in life, my twins.


Along the way I opened 3 more businesses. I have loved and cursed days but I am hugely grateful for both the successes and failures. I have met some amazing people along the way and still am everyday. And now that Brexit is on the table I have decided to go back to my roots of wanting to help people and so I have been accredited by the Jobcentre in my area and am now training people who are unemployed to find their way back into work, into society and into a much happier life. It is just amazing how much mentoring, coaching and the right connections mixed with empathy and passion can do for other people.


I find solutions. I help find solutions. Always have, always will.

I love helping people opening their own small business.

I have supported people through their desire of wanting children through IVF. I have created a course for people to learn how to network

I have been coaching people to find out and achieve their goals.

And I have a network that is growing daily of different kinds of people and it is great to see that my passion to bring people together and my passion to help, together with my love for life for fun for sports and for business has finally come together in my Solutions Finder venture.

Come and join my network! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt

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