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Stay focused

When you are faced with more than one urgent issue to solve, you have to stay focused. Think! What must be done right now? What can I prepare now for in an hour or two? What can I pick up again later?

One of my coaching students sent me a message to ask for urgent help as he was about to be evicted the next day. A few minutes later I got a call from my babysitter saying that my daughter had earache and she wouldn't stop crying.

So, I took the number of the lady to call to see if the eviction could be postponed. Then called the doctor to make an urgent appointment. Then called the babysitter to get my daughter ready and dressed, so I could immediately drive home from work to then get her in the car and drive to the doctor. When we got back, it turned out that my daughter had fever and an ear infection. She was given Paracetamol, and the babysitter helped with the dinner while I called the lady regarding the eviction issue.

The point is, waves can appear scarily high around you but if you make sure that you are organised, write down all the things that need doing and then work through them one by one, it will all come together.

Think in little steps and get those ticked of your list one by one!


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