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Be creative – look for opportunities even where you wouldn’t expect them

This works from working with your children to working in your job with your team and in your family.

Last week I had to take my car to a car wash, I had to do it with my 2-year-old twins, which most parents will agree with me is not as easy as when you do it on your own. I had to keep my children occupied for 30 minutes. I took my children for a walk. Now no 2-year-old is hugely keen on going for a walk, neither do they see that exercise is good for everyone.

As we walked through the street, I saw an empty beer can in the street and for the next 30 minutes, we kicked the beer can through the streets back towards the garage where the shiny clean car was waiting for us. Time had flown by, even for me, and neither the picture of an empty beer can in the street nor the vision of a walk for 30 minutes while waiting for the car to be cleaned would have thrilled anyone. This walk was different an empty beer can made it fun.

I know- you can’t kick a beer can around the office, you can’t kick it around at home – but you CAN take nearly every task and break it down in chunky sizes to do and you can always find something positive about it- and if it is only the end result that you achieved what you set out to do. You got it done, cleaned, of your desk, of your mind or of your to do list.

Are there areas in your life where you might be missing out because you are stuck seeing your world from a perception that no longer serves you? I would want you to stop looking at a situation from the same point of view and find other ways of tackling/thinking about this issue or situation. Think about it as if you were someone else. What would he or she would do or how would he or she view this situation? Your reality will start to shift, and you will be amazed at the possibilities and opportunities that come your way!

Even if your circumstances do not change right away, your change in how you view those circumstances will allow for a change in attitude.

Every point in this chapter has focused on you finding solutions by opening your mind and shifting your perception. Now I want to question whether you are actually being honest with yourself and taking responsibility for your life choices or if you are essentially hiding with your head in the sand.


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