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What is the Blame Game?

I want to stop for a minute and talk about the blame game. Simply put, it is when you are dealing with various situations in your life and choose to blame others for your reactions and thoughts, shifting responsibility for them to someone else.

When playing the blame game, it can be easy to say or do things that put you in the role of victim. Using the blame game, you just point out to others why you are the victim, instead of focusing on what you could do to change the situation NOW. You are essentially giving away your power, allowing others to control your life. The thought process turns into one that makes everything appear impossibly out of your control, so you sit stuck, doing nothing at all to create change in your life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you deal with various situations in your life:

· Do you blame someone for something in your life?

· Do you blame a situation for something that went wrong in your life?

· Do you appear to take responsibility, but then turn around and immediately start focusing on the actions of others?

· Do you compare your choices and actions with others, judging them as better or worse?

Don't choose blame! Take action in your life and choose to think in solutions, not problems!

Creating Actions

No matter what circumstances we are presented with in life, you still have the ability to act in your own behalf. You still control your thoughts and feelings. No one else does! Even in old age. you can take action, so age is no excuse! Do not become so focused on finding excuses that you block yourself from opening doors and creating opportunities for yourself.

Yesterday, as I sat to have a relaxing manicure the TV screen on the wall showed a 'Ninja UK' program where amazing young men and women going over very intense courses, challenging their own fitness, agility and power. One candidate even had only one leg.

A very big lady sitting next to me said, “Oh, I want him to win. How amazing is he!” When coming across one exercise, which was already hugely difficult with 2 legs, he failed and fell into the pool below.

The big lady turned around to her waiting husband and said, “Wow, that makes me want to go to the gym.”

Not in a million years did I think that she would go home and start working out. You WISH you were as fit, but you are unwilling to put in the hard work. Instead, we spend our energy coming up with excuses for why things can’t get done. The reality is that you are making up reasons why you won’t do it.

There are so many excuses that we create to justify why we refuse to act and create change in our lives. Why do we wish for things but then take no action?

· Because it seems too hard

· Because it seems too tiring

· Because there does not seem to be enough time

· Because, because, because.....

The list is long. However, there is so much that is possible when you open up your mind and heart, versus making excuses and creating a blockade in your path. Wake up to the possibilities in your life and stop sabotaging yourself.

Inaction, a lack of honesty with yourself, and not taking responsibility are just a few of the key reasons why you might be struggling to create change in your life. By acknowledging how these reasons contribute to your current situation, you can wake up and begin to change. Once you decide to change your thinking and perception, then you need to find others who support you in these efforts.


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