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Think in Solutions – your way to success

How easy is it to say “this is not possible” or “I can’t do this” or even worse “you can’t do this” – then we move on and don’t give the issues a second thought.

Every day people come into my office telling me that they can’t do something, or they don’t know how to make it work. Every time I challenge them and ask them, “Imagine I was not here – what would you do then? Miraculously, everyone can always come up with a solution.

Don’t get me wrong. That solution might not always be the one that we go with or one that works, but unless you change your thought process and your mindset there will be many things that you could achieve but don’t because you are just not even trying. Make a point, start today to always come up with at least ONE solution when you feel like saying…I don’t know how or that’s not possible.

Different ways of changing your thought processes work for different people. Discuss the issue with someone you don’t know so well, try writing it down even the “impossible” solutions. Even silly ones like “to conjure up a perfect partner or boss or staff” or whatever the issue is. I know magic is not exactly something anyone has perfected yet – however brain storming and writing down all thoughts will develop your list and you will come up with a variety of solutions that you would not have initially thought about and step by step it will help you develop new thought processes.

In my office, I have 5 main key points that everyone has to learn for growth and success:

1. Assumption is the mother of all fxx ups

2. Take responsibility

3. Persistence

4. Connect to people and build your network

5. Think in Solutions!

The first four make a whole book and I will only go through them briefly in this chapter but you can find out more under However, the last point is a real passion of mine. Once people in my training and in my employment have understood this, the progress is so exponential it is phenomenal to watch every single time.

Last year one of my colleagues told me that a specific Castle and Garden in England was not allowing groups for sightseeing - I asked for the phone number and spoke to the person in charge. We chatted for a few minutes and then I told him about our client who really wanted to see their castle and garden. Our client was coming from abroad and would he be able to see a way of making this groups visit possible within their set of restrictions.

I asked him, I worked around HIS needs and his companies needs and I tried to find common ground. He said ok but only in the afternoons and the group cannot have their own guide they need to go through as individuals. That was ok with the group EVERYONE was happy. I offered to pay immediately and when it came to booking again this year, they were happy to take another 2 groups the same way - and yet I was told it was not possible.

Think- what can I do for you? What would work for you? How can I help you?

A few years back I helped one of my friends get an appointment with a guy who seemed to be constantly throwing out his technology device from the building projects. My friend said that it was impossible to get hold of this particular engineer. I picked up the phone, asked for him, got him on the phone, and arranged a time for a meeting for my friend. Now maybe you might think, everyone can get lucky, but in my head, the barrier he had in his head didn’t exist. I picked up the phone as if I called my mum or my friends. In my mind there was no issue, I had no negative thoughts on this, in fact I had no thoughts in my mind other than, I would like to schedule a meeting. Had he not been in the office I would have asked for a time to call back, if he had still not picked up, I would have asked to have a meeting scheduled or a phone conversation – if you really want something then persistence will also bring solutions.

Think: If you really want something then you can never give up

Solutions come in a variety of forms. Brainstorming is just one way and always keep in mind, different people different views. Talk to your work team as well as a few key people that are part of your inner circle. Speak to the people from your sports groups or any variety of group that you might belong to. Forget your thoughts that the issue might be difficult or impossible. Start fresh- every time! If your mind is focused on solutions, creating new ways and thinking about new routes will become second nature to you and you’ll surprise yourself with what you can actually achieve in life in love and in work.

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