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Influence of our parents

My colleague Tony loves sleeping outside, under the stars taking in the fresh air, the silence of the nature as well as the sounds that the nocturnal animals make when they come out for their night hunt.

His father used to take him and his brother out hiking in the Carpathian Mountains when they were young, sleeping in tents for the week, learning about nature, flowers, trees, animals, how to track the bears and how to keep the bears away at night.

It is incredible the stories and memories that parents can create for and with their children, creating never ending life lessons.

This embedded memory of going hiking became a passion and then led to a passion for hiking, fishing and then photography, a hobby Tony turned into part of his professional work life still loving what he used to do 20 years ago as a family hobby.

What is your passion? What do you love doing? Think!

What are you good at and love doing? What passion could you turn into something that you love and something that can make you money at the same time?

Love what you do! Spend time with what you enjoy, live your life in happiness and find the passion that makes you jump out of bed every day!

If you haven’t found it yet, come and talk to me!

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